Bill Gates Makes His Move

Bill Gates

Controversial Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have bought an enormous oceanfront house near San Diego for $43 million. This makes it one of the largest deals in the Del Mar, California area.


If Only Gates Would Stick to Real Estate

Their new six-bedroom home makes up about 5,800 square feet. It has luxuries such as a 10-person Jacuzzi, a fire pit, a spacious ocean deck, and a swimming pool. The property is accompanied by two guest houses, a health spa, theater, as well as many other amenities.

Gate’s has other mansions in Washington and another in California.

Gates is not the only multi-billionaire buying up properties during the tumultuous coronavirus economic fallout. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just secured a $16 million apartment as his mega-mansion is being built in New York City.

Gates’ Strong Ties to WHO

His residential moves are not the only things the tech billionaire involves his time with. Bill Gates has a staggering net worth of over $100 billion, according to Forbes, and continues to ruffle feathers with his strong support of the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO has been involved in many questionable things, and this organization is only adding to peoples’ distrust of it.

China and Gates on the Same Team 

It was announced on Thursday by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the country responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, China, will donate a staggering $30 million to the WHO.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chuying called the support of WHO akin to “supporting Multilateralism and Global Solidarity.”

When communist China, which is well-known for deceit and wrongdoings, is backing WHO, that in itself should raise eyebrows. China has already donated a previous $20 million in March.

President Trump announced earlier in April that the United States will no longer be the single largest donor to WHO. He said America would be cutting off funding to the organization due to its egregious misinformation spreading.

“The WHO’s reliance on China’s disclosures likely caused a twenty-fold increase in cases worldwide, and it may be much more than that,” Trump said April 14. “The WHO has not addressed a single one of these concerns nor provided a serious explanation that acknowledges its own mistakes, of which there are many.”

President Trump announced that the U.S. would stop funding while the WHO goes through a 60-90 day investigation. He also accused the organization of putting “political correctness over lifesaving measures.”

Chief of WHO, Tedros Adhanom, threatened the president to “refrain from politicizing” the coronavirus pandemic “if you don’t want many more body bags.”

Gates Continues to Fight Trump 

Gates has amped up his criticism of the president after his WHO funding announcement. When he isn’t buying up more multi-million dollar properties, Gates has been focusing the majority of his time advocating for shady vaccines and putting out public health responses.

The Chinese government isn’t the only one dumping millions into WHO’s agenda. The Gates have also given abundant amounts of money in the name of “fighting against the virus.”

The WHO was provided with credible information in December 2019 that the virus could be spread from human to human, but this was ignored.

With his untrustworthy record, it would be nice if Bill Gates would just stick to real estate, but the chances of that are slim to none.

  1. Living in Del Mar puts Gates close to the bio-tech firms that dot the landscape in the “Golden Triangle” of San Diego, a mere 1 mile away. The better to concoct his elixir of slavery and control through vaccinations.

  2. 30 Million $$ from China to WHO is a spit in the bucket compared to what they probably paid them to skirt around telling anything about it to the rest of the world. Even after the cat was out of the bag, they still down played every thing about it. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they’re already in Gates pocket. I just hop to God that Trump doesn’t accept any drug he’s had his hand or dirty money in.

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