BLM Gets Into Fist Fight With BLM [WATCH]

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This seems to be happening all over the country, multiple times a week. There seems to be a pattern to these incidents but you’re labeled as racist if you point it out… Like the similar fight at the Olive Garden in Mississippi. Or the brawl at the Waffle House. Or the brawl at Chuck E Cheese… It never ends.


Savages fight in public with zero respect for the law

Fist fights broke out Sunday afternoon in the American Airlines terminal of the Miami International Airport. Video shot by a person inside the terminal shows the melee near gate D14 involving two different groups of people. A witness told Local 10 News that the scuffle started over seats available on the plane and that seven people were involved.

In the video, other passengers and people in the terminal area can be heard calling for security and also pleading for the fighting to stop. The witness said that airport police showed up and stayed for over an hour. Miami-Dade police told Local 10 News that they responded to the scene, but the victims did not want to press charges.

According to MDPD, one person was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was later identified by police as 20-year-old Jameel Tremain Decquir. Three other suspects wanted by police remain at large.

Insane public displays of violence is normal for the BLM crowd

According to Decquir’s arrest report, he and the three other people were waiting to board an American Airlines flight to Chicago, but were told by a gate agent that there were only three standby seats available.

The agent gave them the choice to leave one person behind or wait for another flight. Police said for unknown reasons the group began to fight with three other people who were also at the counter.

According to the arrest report, the fight broke out when Decquir punched one of the victims in the face as the victim was turning away from the counter.

Thugs fight and pull guns in front of little kids

Police said the fight then broke off into two separate fights with the four suspects and three victims. Authorities said one of the male victims covered the female victim on the ground with his body to protect her as the suspects repeatedly punched and kicked them.

American cities dissolve into third-world war zones

Police said the victims told officers they did not know why the fight began and declined to press charges. Decquir, however, was arrested for causing a disruption to American Airlines and airport operations. The three others he was with have not yet been located. Police said the victims sustained minor injuries.

It’s important to watch and share these shocking videos. Maybe then people will understand the incredibly difficult job that police officers have dealing with these animals on a daily basis. I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world.

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