Breaking: Multi-State Manhunt Underway


Chester County, South Carolina is on edge as the manhunt for a multi-state murder spree suspect enters a  4th day. Tyler Terry, suspected of at least four murders with more crimes under investigation, fled on foot from police officers after being stopped and initiating a shootout. Terry and his associate Adrienne Simpson, who has been arrested, are accused of robberies and murders in both South Carolina and Missouri committed over the last month.

Manhunt for murder suspect underway

The murder spree is thought to have begun in early May with the killing of Eugene O’Brien Simpson, former husband of Adrienne Simpson, and of another man in the area.

The pair then made their way to St. Louis, Missouri where they shot and killed a 56 year old doctor outside of a suburban restaurant.

Just before this shooting, Terry had shot at a married couple during a robbery, killing a 70 year old woman and injuring her husband.

After these shootings they made their way back to South Carolina, possibly committing more crimes in states along the way before arriving back in Chester County.

The shootout with officers resulted in the arrest of Adrienne, who was left in their vehicle when Terry fled on foot, abandoning her and escaping into the woods.


FBI joins the hunt today

Local schools were put on lockdown after the shootout and the escape of Terry, who remains armed and dangerous according to authorities.

Officers from both Missouri and South Carolina have joined in the manhunt for Terry, along with the FBI, which announced that it would be joining the search on May 21.

Simpson, who remains under arrest and has been charged as an accessory to at least one murder so far,  was reportedly a victim of previous crimes committed in North Carolina and South Carolina by Tyler Terry.

Terry allegedly assaulted Simpson last year, leaving her with disfigurement, hearing loss, and a swollen eye. Photos of Simpson released after her arrest show her with a black eye, though this has not been confirmed as being Terry’s doing yet.

Chester County residents are being told to keep doors locked and firearms secure as the manhunt continues.

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