Cult-Mom Lori Vallow’s Account Provides CHILLING New Revelations


Lori Vallow, the doomsday “cult-Mom” pending trial along with her husband for the murder of their two children is in the headlines today not because of something she said, but rather because of how much she didn’t say. According to 2,500 emails released from the Chandler, Arizona Police Department, Detectives were astonished by how “carefully” Vallow and Daybell didn’t discuss anything by text message, but still found many revelations.

Included among the emails were photos of boxes of rifle ammunition with a note from the Chandler PD that these “would be worth looking into ASAP.” Under normal circumstances, these could be considered innocuous but in the case of a grisly double murder where so little has been committed to texts on their devices, even the small leads are key.

The True Revelations

Far more revealing though, were Vallow’s travel arrangements,

According to Fox News,

“In the email, the detective described what was discovered in the iCloud. He noted there were cell phone screenshots taken of a computer showing booking conformations for airline fares and car and hotel rentals. Vallow booked a flight from Idaho to Arizona the day before Tammy Daybell was shot at by Vallow’s brother, Alex Cox, authorities said.

She booked a flight back days later after Daybell died in October 2019.

“One additional irony is the fact that Lori booked a flight from Phx (Phoenix) to Idaho the day after Tammy died,” the detective told the FBI.

In one email a Chandler Detective raised their chief concern:

“It does not appear that Lori is communicating with anyone using text messages,” the email reads. “She did have text content on the cloud but she seems careful to not discuss anything using text and will ask people to call her.”

Vallow’s children:  7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan were found dead in June 2020, buried on their step-father’s property. Lori Vallow was found “unfit for trial” by an Idaho Court which has halted criminal proceedings against her for the time being.

One America News Network released some incredibly disturbing information,

“Friends told investigators the couple believed they were part of a cult known as the “Church of the First Born,” whose mission was to rid the world of zombies. At least one friend reported Lori believed her children had turned into zombies.”

Lori may also be looking at charges in Arizona in connection with the death of her former husband, Charles Vallow. Fox10 Phoenix reported, “Chandler Police submitted an investigation into Lori Vallow regarding the death of Charles Vallow to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office on April 1.”

The Maricopa County Grand Jury has since handed down an indictment on Vallow on June 29th for ” one count of Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder, a CLASS 1 FELONY Dangerous, in the death of Charles Vallow.” According to the Maricopa County Attorney has declined to charge Chad Daybell in the death of Charles Vallow. The revelations wrought by the Chandler PD and the FBI could very well lead to charges in Arizona that stick. The level of meticulous planning and incredibly careful secrecy belie the actions of someone who is “unfit for trial”, and are far more indicative of someone who is simply: evil.


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