Democrat Border Failure: Another Human Trafficking Disaster


On the shores of the Rio Grande near Roma, TX a joint task force of Customs and Border Patrol Agents and Specials Ops Texas Rangers valiantly rescued a 6-month old baby girl from drowning in the river after human trafficking smugglers callously threw her from raft after breaking her Mother’s leg. 


According to, “Along with the mother and baby, the rafts contained 67 adults and 150 children. It was during the crossing that the child was tossed overboard into the Rio Grande.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety wrote via Facebook,

“Our South Texas Special Operations Group, Texas Rangers Division, are an integral asset in border security. On 03/16/21, this specialized group assisted U.S. #BorderPatrol in Roma with a 6mo female child who had been thrown out of a raft and into the Rio Grande River by smugglers.

“The child’s mother had been assaulted by smugglers in Mexico resulting in a broken leg. This specialized group is a highly trained tactical team whose primary responsibility is to carry out specific missions, usually along the Texas-Mexico border region or wherever needed.

“The team is designed to conduct both overt and extended covert operations in remote areas where conventional law enforcement cannot operate. The teams focus is to gather intelligence, conduct interdiction, and disruption of criminal activity usually associated with drug cartels.”

Human Trafficking Disaster of The Biden-Harris regime’s Making

As the Biden-Harris regime continues to dismantle the extremely successful border policies put in place under Presdient Trump, the tales of tragic deaths at the border continue to flood in.

Newsweek reported,

“Customs and Border Patrol officials apprehended more than 16,000 families and 11,242 unaccompanied migrant children at the Rio Grande Valley section of the border in February alone. The figures marked an increase of 100 percent, officials said in a press statement.”

As Democrats continue to tease the “American Dream and Promise Act” and parade Kamala Harris on zoom calls with Mexican President Anres Manuel Lopez Obrador talking about the “Northern Triangle” and how their working to ‘discourage migrants from leaving home’ in the first place, they’re only going to continue emboldening cartel smugglers to seek their fortunes with human trafficking.

Ever since the Biden-Harris regime took control, they have systematically attacked our border security,  most notably by reversing the Trump “Remain in Mexico” doctrine and allowing asylum seekers to await hearings in the US and allowing the entrance of any and all unaccompanied minors.

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