Fox News Hosts Explain to Lara Trump Just How Far Left They Have Slid

Lara Trump Fox News President Election

Lara Trump appeared on Fox News to put the Trump hater’s in their place. The race is not over yet, and President Trump still might win a second term. The anchor went nuts.

Four more years

Fox News has been sliding further and further Left this year.

Their anti-Trump rhetoric seemed to reach a tipping point on election night when the network called several states for Joe Biden while it was still very early on in the counting.

Many Conservatives are turning their back on the network, moving over to Newsmax and One America News Network instead.

Lara Trump shocked Fox News host Martha MacCallum when she confidently predicted President Trump will win a second term in office. “I still think that the president will get four more years in office,” declared Lara Trump, who’s married to the president’s son Eric. “I think it will be the next four years because this thing is far from over. We’ve got plenty of time to overturn the election.” Fox host Martha MacCallum snapped back, “Why? You just had certifications today in Arizona, in Georgia, in Wisconsin. You heard Geraldo moments ago say that it’s time to accept the outcome. What are you seeing or hearing out there that he is not?”

Fox News is ready for Biden

Lara Trump replied, “The reality is the Electoral College does not vote in their states until December 14th. Congress doesn’t actually certify anything until the beginning of January, so we’ve got plenty of time.”

President Trump has not conceded the race to Joe Biden.

Trump’s legal team is working overtime, filing lawsuits in key battleground states to expose the widespread voter fraud and overturn the election results.

There are several scenarios in which President Trump could win the race.

Most notably, if Republicans can prove that the vote was compromised in certain states, they can simply refuse to certify the vote.

In this scenario, the states would vote for the president, and since there are more red states than blue states, this would tip the scales in Trump’s favor. Regardless of the outcome, we are witnessing history.

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