Fresh Obamagate Transcripts Reveal What Trump’s Lawyer Told the FBI


On Friday, the Department of Justice turned loose another 218 pages of documents related to Obamagate. These are all witness interviews conducted by the FBI. This particular batch is related to Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller and his witch hunt. The democrats came up empty handed when they took a deep dive into nonexistent collusion between Team Trump and the Russians. Some of the more interesting “302” interview reports involve the president’s former personal attorney, Don McGahn.


The Obamagate conspiracy plot

What started out as the Russiagate conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election morphed into Obamagate after November when it became a plot to overthrow the newly elected president. It makes Nixon’s plumbers look like rank amateurs.

McGahn sat down with the FBI twice in 2017 to talk about President Donald Trump’s national security adviser General Michael Flynn. At the time and based on available information, it looked like Flynn’s “time was up” as a White House advisor. McGahn was convinced that there was “no way Flynn did not know he had talked about sanctions on the calls.” Even so, he still didn’t think Flynn actually did anything wrong. Now, we know a lot more of the story and we know that Flynn did nothing wrong.

Obamagate transcripts of every call Flynn had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were released on Friday. They prove that yes there was “discussion,” but it wasn’t a detailed one. Flynn really didn’t offer to lift Obama’s sanctions as he’s accused of doing. All he told the Ambassador amounts to “do whatever makes you happy.” If they didn’t like Obama’s sanctions, then put similar ones back on us. That’s something which could easily be forgotten because it totally didn’t matter.

Flynn wasn’t in trouble

McGahn never bought into the collusion narrative, especially regarding Flynn, because while Sally Yates was “acting” Attorney General she told him things that “made him feel as though Flynn “was not in [redacted profanity?] trouble. He flat out asked her “if the agents had really pinned him down.” She admitted that they didn’t. “The investigation was winding down.” Later, he met with the president and told him Flynn did not “clearly” give false statements to the FBI.

After analyzing everything that Flynn really did say, the FBI knew they had no case at all. As Yates expected, they really were getting ready to drop it. Obamagate architects Peter Strzok and James Comey weren’t about to let that happen.

Another thing that McGahn was able to shed some light on was the incident James Comey likes to whine about where the president told him, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go.” The president swore up and down to his lawyer that he never said that, but even if he did, even Donald Trump is “allowed to hope.” That didn’t cross any lines and Comey can go back to the pit he slithered out of.

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