How FBI Got Away with One of the Worst Crimes in American History

According to Democrats an attempt to question the results of a presidential election make one guilty of one of the most serious of crimes. For the FBI these rules apparently do not apply. Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer who admitted to intentionally altering emails that were used to justify the Russia investigation, has been punished with only a one year suspension of his ability to practice law in Washington D.C.

FBI lawyer gets slap on the wrist

Clinesmith claims that he intentionally edited emails but that he only inserted things that he believed were true and did not intentionally lie.

Clinesmith did lie and falsify, intentionally or not, and in doing so enabled the FBI attempt to undermine the Trump presidency with a story of Russian puppet masters influencing the election.

Evidence for this was apparently so minimal that Clinesmith and others were forced to invent their own evidence so that the investigation and targeting of the Trump Administration could proceed.

The Russia investigation ultimately failed to make much progress but it did provide ample fodder for Democrats to attack the legitimacy of the 2016 election merely by existing.

At best Clinesmith and his colleagues were so eager to undermine the Trump Administration that they readily accepted fraudulent material without doubting its veracity.

At worst, and more likely, Clinesmith and the FBI actively and knowingly forged information in an attempt to secure a basis for their anti-Trump investigation.

Kevin Clinesmith

Intelligence agencies above the law

The political slant of the FBI clearly never disappeared under Trump; now the Bureau is ruthlessly engaged in suppressing any real internal dissent and opposition to the Biden regime.

The FBI and other government agencies are making heroes out of individuals who inform on friends and families for protesting the results of the 2020 election.

Government employees who falsified and lied to undermine the 2016 election are simultaneously to be given punishments which are somehow even less than a slap on the wrist.

Intelligence agencies have a disturbing history of operating under their own set of laws getting away with it. The FBI continues to be treated as a trustworthy and impartial organization in spite of an abundance of evidence.

Like any other government agencies in the endless web of bureaucracy that is the “deep state” it would be nearly impossible to redeem the FBI, NSA, or CIA even if the political will existed to do it.

Cases like that of Kevin Clinesmith prove that these agencies have become thoroughly untouchable. While elected officials come and go, it is the faceless mid-level bureaucrat who really runs things in Washington.

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