Husband Catches Doctor Wife Trying to Do Him In With Poison


A doctor is someone who is supposed to cure sick people, not kill healthy ones. That’s why this California husband was so surprised to learn his dermatologist wife was out to do him in. He had a suspicion she might be trying to poison him and the spy cam he hooked up confirmed his diagnosis.

Doctor of death

Southern California dermatologist Yue Yu was arrested last week for allegedly poisoning her husband. Police aren’t saying his name. She had an office in Mission Viejo but her practice is expected to close when Doctor Yu relocates to prison.

She was rounded up on Thursday, August 4, “after Irvine police served a search warrant at the couple’s home.

The husband showed up at the local precinct with some “video evidence” he believed would back “up his belief that she’s the reason he’s been sick for a month.” He knew her cooking couldn’t be that bad all on it’s own.

Being a doctor and all, she knew some funky kitchen chemistry, even if she was only a dermatologist. As reported by the LA Times, he “sustained significant internal injuries.

Police aren’t revealing what he was poisoned with but they do promise he’ll recover from it. Doctor Yu is listed as 45-years-old and affiliated with Providence Mission Hospital. The New York Post learned that she spiked his drinks with Drano, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The facility was quick to issue a statement acknowledging she was in custody but not saying much else.

No impact on our patients

The hospital was quick to assure everyone that the only person Doctor Yu wanted to kill was her husband, not any of their beloved patients.

The incident is a domestic matter which occurred in Irvine and we want to reassure our community that there has been no impact on our patients.” They scrubbed her bio from the hospital’s website “as of Sunday.

Doctor Yu is out on bail after dipping into petty cash for $30,000. They turned her loose on Friday and nobody has seen her since.

According to Irvine police Lt. Bill Bingham, he “suspected she had been poisoning him and set up surveillance video to confirm his hunch.

Media confirms that Doctor Yu actually did get a diploma from Washington University in St. Louis. The couple were married for 10 years. Apparently she took the “till death do you part” vow seriously.

It’s unclear how she allegedly poisoned him.” The Times doesn’t want to give anyone else any ideas. It’s highly unlikely this couple will celebrate an 11th anniversary. The good news is that there won’t be a funeral.


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