Major Border Announcement Comes Out of Texas

Major Border Announcement Comes Out of Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made a major announcement about the southern border. As the federal government refuses to secure the border to stop drugs, cartels, and human trafficking, Texas is stepping up to get the job done.

Governor Abbott has announced that Texas will complete President Donald Trump’s wall using its own funding. Speaking at the border summit in Del Rio, Texas, on June 10, Abbott stated that barriers will be installed along the Rio Grande River in areas with the largest presence of illegal immigrants.

Thanks to Joe Biden‘s failure as a leader, and his statements on the campaign trail, Texas has seen a 700 percent increase in illegal crossings this year.

The construction of the wall will be financed through the $1 billion budget allocated for border security by the Texas legislature. According to Abbott, the wall will be managed by Texas authorities, allowing state law enforcement to detain and deport illegal immigrants.

“The ability to arrest will be enhanced by building border barriers. Some of these border barriers will be built immediately,” the governor declared. “Whenever anybody tries to modify, attempt, or get through these any of these border barriers, that itself is a crime for which they can be arrested.”

Abbott also noted that the Biden administration has completely failed to protect the border, and that individual states must now take the matter into their own hands.

Governor Abbott mentioned his plan to continue construction on Donald Trump‘s wall at the Border Summit. The clip was shared on Twitter by Benny Johnson:

Texas Congressman Lance Gooden celebrated Abbott’s announcement on Twitter, writing: “The State of Texas will soon begin building its own border wall. While Joe Biden refuses to protect the sovereignty of our nation, @GregAbbott_TX is protecting the sovereignty of our state!”

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