Man in his 70s attacked while trying to protect burning Kenosha mattress store


A man in his seventies was viciously attacked by rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for simply trying to protect his place of employment. The day after Jacob Blake tried to commit suicide by intentionally ignoring police orders, anarchists burned a local mattress store to the ground. First, they had to send Robert Robb to the emergency room, with a broken jaw and deep cuts on his head. He tried to fight them off with a fire extinguisher and lost.


Trying to protect his employer’s shop

In his entire life, 71-year-old Robert Robb never would have imagined himself battling anarchists with a fire extinguisher in order to have a job in the morning. They say that no good deed goes unpunished. For trying to protect his employer’s mattress store, Mr. Robb was rewarded with a blow to the head and face from a water bottle filled with concrete, which shattered his jaw.

When Mr. Robb saw on TV that “buildings near Danish Brotherhood Lodge” were being looted and set ablaze, he new that the mattress shop he worked for in the same block was next. He hurried to the scene in order to help protect his place of business. He was already painfully aware that police were forced to stand by and watch. When those sworn to uphold the law are ordered to remain spectators, residents have no choice except to take what law they can into their own hands. You either have enforcement of laws or you have anarchy. It’s either one or the other, you can’t have both. Kenosha has chosen to side with anarchy. Mr. Robb and his employers were on their own against the mob that night.

A video has been making the rounds of social media which shows the valiant battle. Mr. Robb held his ground, with judicial bursts from his fire extinguisher. All he wanted to do was protect his livelihood from destruction. His efforts were clearly defensive. On the other hand, Antifa types were clearly on the offensive that night, intent on nothing but causing the maximum amount of damage possible.

Spray them in the face

Mr. Cobb may or may not have served in the military but he sure acted like a hardened veteran as he confidently fired short bursts, calculated for maximum effect, to conserve his ammunition and protect himself at that point. From the sidelines, shop owner Pamela Moniz and her husband observed the battle. As Mrs. Moniz reports, Cobb “sprayed them in the face so they had to take their masks off for identification.”

Mr. Cobb knew he was in a fight for his life, not just to protect a mattress shop, because someone was recorded yelling, “Don’t shoot this man, don’t shoot this man,” after a gun came out. In the end, the mattress shop was entirely destroyed by arson. After authorities had a chance to piece together what happened, it turned out that Mr. Cobb “was struck with a water bottle filled with cement, breaking his jaw in two places and knocking him to the ground.”

A bystander quickly jumped in to render aid. By then, the victim required protection to keep the mob from tearing him limb from limb. The audio track picked up someone who warned that Cobb was “drowning in his own blood.” The good Samaritan was scolding the anarchists, saying, “He didn’t deserve any of that, any of it. This is just wrong guys, do you not see this?” Apparently not. One female rioter replied, “We’re just trying to protect ourselves.” Yeah, right. By burning down businesses. “You don’t understand what terrifies these Black men out here, understand, respect. How ’bout that.”

Apparently not much has changed since 1969 when Frank Zappa sang about “all that ‘you don’t understand me’ and the other jazz they hand me.” He was right about the looting and burning too, when he said after the Watts riots, “You know we got to sit around at home and watch this thing begin but I’d bet there won’t be many left to see it really end. ‘Cause the fire in the street ain’t like the fire in the heart and in the eyes of all these people, don’t you know that this could start, on any street in any town, in any state if any clown decides that now’s the time to fight for some ideal he thinks is right. And if a million more agree, there ain’t no great society, as it applies to you and me, and our country isn’t free.” Blow your harmonica son.

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