Rashida Tlaib Gets SHUT DOWN


Rashida Tlaib wasn’t allowed to spew her hate at ASU but that didn’t stop her fanatic followers. They zoomed her in on a laptop and held a pro-Hamas demonstration in the streets. Arizona State University had a nice safe non-political reason for canceling her appearance. The antisemites didn’t even try to follow the rules for a permit.

ASU tosses Tlaib

At the last minute on Friday, November 17, ASU canceled an “event that would have featured Representative Rashida Tlaib.

They didn’t pull her plug because Rashida and her howling mob of Hamas supporters are promoting antisemitic hatred. They did it because the Arizona Palestine Network didn’t follow procedure.

A spokesperson for the university noted “Organizers of events using ASU facilities must be properly registered” with the campus. The “pro-Palestine advocacy group” wasn’t. Not only that, they didn’t even try to “meet all university requirement for crowd management, parking, security, and insurance.

Hosting events practically guaranteed to spark counter-protest and endanger lives is out of the question.

In addition, the events must be produced in a way which minimizes disruption to academic and other activities on campus.

ASU explained that “the event was planned and produced by groups that are not affiliated with ASU and was organized outside of the school’s policies and procedures.

Not on campus

You can have your riot anywhere you think you can get away with it but not on the grounds of Arizona State University, administration informed. The event, they flatly declared, “will not take place today on the ASU Tempe campus.

Tlaib is well known for spreading antisemitic hate. Congress voted to censure her for some recent over the top remarks and she’s doubling down and screaming them louder.

Tlaib, the Hill reports, “has been outspoken against Israel’s retaliatory strikes, after Hamas’s initial surprise attack took the lives of at least 1,200 Israelis.” To her, Jews don’t have the right to defend themselves.

ASU doesn’t want her anywhere near their students. “She has also been the center of a recent controversy when she posted a video on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that said President Biden supported the genocide of Palestinian people.

Tlaib keeps insisting on using the antisemitic hate-speech phrase “from the river to the sea.” It sounds harmless enough. Just like “Let’s Go Brandon.” Both will make a lot of people angry even though they’re nothing special on the surface.

Radical Palestinians want total control of everything from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. To get it involves the genocide of all Israelis. Supporters of the goat humping Hamas terrorists “urged its supporters” to “demand ASU to not cancel Rashida Tlaib.” Obviously, it didn’t work.

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