Since Dems Refuse to Do Anything, Mexico is Now Helping Secure Our Southern Border

Since Dems Refuse to Do Anything, Mexico is Now Helping Secure Our Southern Border

With the Democrats refusing to do anything to combat the border crisis, Mexico has decided to step in and help secure the border.


Thanks to the Democrats’ decision to elect dementia-patient Joe Biden, and his decision to appoint Kamala Harris as point-person on the border, the surge of illegal immigration has been steadily increasing. Biden’s promises on the campaign trail coupled with his policies since taking office have been a magnet for illegal immigrants.

The problem has become so out of control that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his intention to continue building Donald Trump’s border wall at the state level, but this isn’t enough. While a fully constructed wall would drastically reduce illegal immigration, it will take a lot of time and money to complete. Needing a solution now, Mexico has stepped up to render aid.

The Mexican government has deployed army and police reinforcements to a border highway connecting the country to Texas, as officials in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon have been working to secure the highway.

The area, which is dominated by drug cartels, is a major border crossing to and from Laredo, Texas, with thousands of people using the highway each day to cross the border in and out of Texas.

“With the National Guard, we have been patrolling the highway on the Nuevo Leon side,” Jorge Fernando Garza of Nuevo Leon Civil Force Commissary said. “There are also parts in which the National Guard, Civil Force, and the Army Guard dissuade and search for individuals who are looking to harm people.”

According to reporting by One America News, “In the past few months, over 40 travelers have gone missing from the highway and nearly 20 have been robbed.”

One such missing person is Gladys Perez Sanchez, 39, a mother from Laredo, Texas, who disappeared along with her two children on June 13 after visiting with family members in Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon. The San Antonio FBI posted about her disappearance on Twitter, asking anyone with information about her whereabouts to call the FBI.

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