Teacher Berates Young Student Over Supporting President Trump…Mother Catches it ALL on Video

Teacher scolds student for supporting Trump

A teacher in Tacoma, Washington asked his online sixth grade class to name a person who they admire, and to explain why. When a student wrote ‘Donald J. Trump’ as their answer, the teacher deleted it, and went on a rant about the president that was devoid of facts.

Brendan Stanton, a middle school teacher at P.G. Keithley Middle School, explained that choosing President Trump as someone to admire was “inappropriate”, saying that the president   has “spoken hatred to many individuals.”

The rant was caught on video by the student’s mom, Elsy Kusander, and was shared by radio host Jason Rantz and My Northwest.

Kusander took a screenshot of her son’s answer, which read: “I admire Donald J. Trump because he is making America great again. And because he is the best president the United States of America could ever, ever have. And he built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come into in the U.S. Trump is the best person in the world. And that’s why I had admire him.”

According to reporting by My Northwest, Stanton almost immediately kicked Kusander’s son out of the chatroom and deleted his post, while calling out the student for mentioning the president.

Kusander noticed the incident when she came into the room and heard Stanton berating the president. She immediately began recording the incident.

“The example that was shared in the chat, which I went ahead and erased for us, was not appropriate right? Especially as that individual has created so much division and hatred between people and specifically spoken hatred to many different individuals, okay?” Stanton said.

“Again, that individual has spoken hate to many individuals and I don’t think is an appropriate example for a role model that we should be admiring,” Stanton added.

Kusander was surprised by the comments made by Stanton, saying: “I went into my son’s room and I heard the teacher saying that this individual is hateful and divisive, etc. I started to record. How can a teacher be teaching to his students horrible things about the president of the country without facts?”

Kusander requested a phone call with the teacher to discuss the incident. In the call, Stanton attempted to lie to her, not knowing that she actually witnessed the incident and recorded it. He claimed that the reason her son’s response was deleted was because it was not related to the question of the day.

Stanton then claimed that the question had been for students to pick a computer programmer that they really admired, not a person in general.

“Donald Trump would not fit that prompt… just because it was a little bit off topic,” Stanton told Kusander.

After this blatant lie, Kusander told Stanton that she had recorded the incident. He immediately attempted to backtrack and explain his actions.

“My perspective has nothing to do with Donald Trump himself, right? I try to keep politics out of the classroom,” he explained.

“I do try to keep politics out of the classroom … because students have different opinions, right? And so if the way that I said it was not perfect, I do apologize. What I was trying to say is just, ‘Hey, hey, guys, let’s get it back to our topic of the day because we really need to get moving into our content, which was on our computer scientists,'” he continued.

Stanton also said that he was offended by Kusander’s child saying “that the border wall keeps out terrorists,” according to My Northwest.

The recording of the incident, and of a later phone conversation between Kusander and her son’s teacher was shared on YouTube:


“But we know that our neighbors at the southern border are not all terrorists, right?” Stanton noted.

Kusander remarked that she had emigrated from Honduras, from which Stanton immediately assumed she would agree with him. “So you would understand,” he said. Kusander disagreed, saying she was against illegal immigration.

“I came into the room, and you were talking, I got my phone and I recorded part of your conversation,” Kusander said, adding that “I clearly saw and recorded what you were saying …”

Stanton continued trying to talk his way out of the hole he had dug for himself: “I do apologize if my words were not perfect at the time. If I used … if I said that Trump was ‘hateful and divisive,’ that may have been what I used at the time, but my purpose was in bringing us back to the conversation of computer scientists and the positive role that they’ve played in our history.”

“I totally respect him [Kusander’s son] as an individual. And his opinion. I am always interested in student feedback and also parent feedback as well. So I appreciate you having this conversation with me,” Stanton said.


  1. And this is what they are teaching our children in the classroom today? Do not respect the President of the United States! This teacher should be fired, and lose his teaching credentials!

  2. This woman is what the United States was built on. Just my opinion, but you are a great mother. Keep up the great work. I, for one, am glad you chose to become an American citizen.

  3. So has the teacher been fired yet. Because he should be fired. This is what is wrong with our educational system.

  4. Brendan Stanton, a middle school teacher at P.G. Keithley Middle School, is a hateful little whiny spineless douche who should not be allowed in a classroom!

    1. Hey, Texan & Gulf War Vet! Welcome home. Thank you for saying it up front and blunt.

      I’m going to ask you to get involved. I was subjected to teachers who went into teaching to avoid the draft. I noticed it was a pattern, so I am now leery of all teachers, but specifically ‘men’ my age. Indeed, I became a father figure to a 19 year old medic when I was 33 because of the path his dad had taken to avoid the draft. You know the age difference from 19 to 33 in the military is HUGE.

      So encourage your Vet buddies to work on getting teaching credentials. Turn the tide. A friend who was highly positioned in the VA and then pulled to work directly for a U.S. Senator suggested that what is needed is an All Branches, All Eras Veterans organization.

      So T&GWV, I’m passing the baton on to you and your younger, more energetic colleagues. Get involved, get the ball rolling. Turn the tide, please.

  5. Yep! This is exactly what is wrong today! Teachers need to teach facts . Not push their beliefs and opinions on their students. This is been going on since the 1960’s and is the reason the USA will fall to Socialism and then Communism. And all the hundreds of thousands of people who have come here because of freedom and ability to live the American dream with hard work and self worth will return to system they were fleeing from!! Wake up America!

  6. If you don’t fire this teacher than you are as bad as he is and maybe worse for allowing this kind of behavior in a classroom.

  7. This is what we have teaching our kids! Absolutely disgusting! This scumbag so-called teacher NEEDS to be FIRED! Notice how he tries to side-step his “reasoning”? Scumbag is too good a word for him!!! God bless this mother.

  8. What a weasel. So much for his courage of convictions, huh? No courage at all targeting a kind for his venomous anti-Trump claptrap. Another brainwashed indoctrinator passing for a responsible teacher. The enemy within is just about everywhere today. But when they victimize our kids with their leftwing drivel they go much too far. He should definitely be suspended or otherwise seriously punished for his higly inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

  9. Lib-progressives ( like this teacher ) don’t deal with ‘reality’.. they CONYINUE to LIE when they’re caught in the act!

  10. Is this not the “Kettle calling the Pot Black”, this hateful teacher spreading his partisan hate to his wards of the classroom, that our President is a hateful person, while he spouts his prejudiced hatefulness to his students, and this is supposed to be a teacher of our children? Then when caught he outright lies about his speech and actions taken against this innocent child.

    This poor excuse of a teacher then falsely claims, “I totally respect him [Kusander’s son] as an individual. And his opinion. I am always interested in student feedback and also parent feedback as well. So I appreciate you having this conversation with me,”, but if this is true, then why did he kick the child out of the virtual classroom?

    This is what is wrong with our public school system and why the American people deserve a voucher system, to escape the failing schools that are always run by just the Democrats, with teachers like this who corrupt our children through indoctrination, instead of teaching them to be independent self-thinkers, looking to do what is right, instead of supporting the corruption of a political party.

    This teacher definitely needs to be fired in order to protect the young minds and future leaders of the USA, so they can learn to strive for what is right, not for what suborns political party corruption and the evil indoctrination of the innocent.

  11. Wait until he is in charge. After this election, they will come for us . I love how condescending he is and how he talks down to a parent and keeps lying even after his lies are exposed.

  12. This lying ideologist is trying to shape young Childrens minds about POLITICS????? You childless pedophile piece of shite!! Go on and off yourself! Young children don’t need pdophiles like STANTON trying to pollute their young minds! Stanton should be FIRED and registered as the pedophile he is

  13. If Trump’s reelection does not result in a massive clean sweep and restructuring of America’s entire education system AND teacher unions – to firmly reject socialism and to replace actual factual teaching of American history and Americanism in general – then in the long term nothing else will matter. Belief in socialism REQUIRES an almost total ignorance of world history, so you can safely flip the equation and know that socialists are ignorant by definition. Ignorant simply means “does not know” and is not otherwise an insult. Today’s younger generations simply do not know what they are have never been taught, and worse, what they have been fraudulently indoctrinated against,

    Very briefly: All the theoretical differences between communism, socialism, and fascism are irrelevant, because they all share the same fatal flaw of putting far too much power into government, which is to say, of putting far too much power into too few hands, and thus making the rise of a dictatorship / oligarchy possible. As history clearly shows, regardless of the form government involved, too much power in too few hands never works out well in the long run. Human nature being what it is, too much power in too few hands ALWAYS results in a Stalin, or a Hitler, or a Chairman Mao… you always end up with some version of an iron fisted “president for life” dictator such as Maduro who is busily ruining Venezuela today.

    This is also why the American form of government purposely divides power into 3 separate co-equal branches at the federal level, and among the 50 sovereign states which comprise our union of states, and generally always spreads power out among far too many people for any one small group to ever seize power. All forms of government are inherently dangerous, and therefore their powers must always be carefully limited, was the basic lesson of history that our nation’s understood. But kids are taught none of this ultra simple to understand Americanism, and are thus being exploited by our enemies both foreign and domestic to divide and weaken and ultimately destroy America from within. Keep this single truth in mind: The safest way for communist China to defeat the U.S. military is to destroy the wealth that makes our military possible. Therefore everything the ChiComs do is oriented towards dividing, weakening, and ultimately destroying our ability to create wealth, and their thinking and planning to achieve this is very long term. You are seeing it starting to manifest even now.

    The more you know…

  14. This teacher is a bully. Pure and simple. Abuse of a position of trust and authority, using 20+ years intellectual/mental development to slam a 10 year old.

    Just imagine if he had used his physical maturity to physically fight with him. the uproar would be deafening, and rightly so.

    Welcome to the social programming of the NEA.

    By the way, my daughter is a teacher. She fights an uphill battle frequently against the lowered (and steadily lowering) academic standards and steadily escalating indoctrination.

    Notice approx 6 minutes prior to the end of the mother’s recording the teacher said he deleted the chat because of his knowledge of privacy rights. 18 minutes of blank Watergate tapes anyone?

  15. I suspect Dr. Tom Edwards is another America hating “educator”. Should say “indoctrinator”.

    Both the little stupid teacher and this principal should be fired immediately.

    Our school system has become a shambles because of people like these two. We can thank the NEA (National Education Assn) for the low quality of the teachers and administrators.

    My grand children will never step foot in a sh*t hole public school.

  16. I keep running into people who are democrats first, BLM sympathizers next, etc… and at the bottom of the list ‘American’… ignorant Americans. Ignoranus Americans, who do not have the facts, only what the Left and the presstitutes say, and they think they are informed. They are not.

    I had a spiritual teacher tell us about a ‘wait until Friday’ story (it was a Tuesday) and by Friday the Truth started coming out and the story was NOT what was said on Tuesday.
    The BLM riots and the politics of the day, when investigated, tell a different tale, as does the Wuhan virus. The teacher only read ‘the hysteria’ not the facts that showed up later, and is teaching the hysteria.
    FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear, itself”… Trump said it differently, but exactly the same thing: don’t fear the virus, it probably won’t kill you (only 6% die of the CV, the rest have other primary causes and the Wuhan virus pushes them over the edge).
    The original estimate from University of WA in Seattle said 2.2 MILLION would die and we are at 212,000 or .0964% of the estimate. You might have also noticed that the US has one of the highest ‘test rates’ and the lowest death rates
    Live a healthy life-style and think healthy, be happy.
    Fire the teacher…

  17. While the kid was speaking as a child expressing blind devotion toward Trump…. the teachers an ASS. No doubt, liberal trash who is ignorant per Socialism yet, just moronic enough to vote for Biden. Typical soy-soaked soft male who would probably molest his male students if he thought he could get by with it. So glad my kids are grown adults. I would be forced to home-school, otherwise. Or go to prison for lynching a “teacher.”

  18. Didn’t she report the teacher to the principal and the school board? The teacher lied over and over. Since when do kids know any computer programmers. He’s such a poor lier he couldn’t think fast enough to pick a field where kids might know someone like a policeman on their block. Why is he still teaching as he’s teaching kids it’s all right to lie, typical democrat person.

  19. I commend the mother, whose fast thinking helped seal Stanton in his lies. Teachers abound like Stanton all across our nation. Stanton is not the only teacher, as most teachers, professors at universities and colleges are nothing but indoctrination centers for the socialist party in America.
    You only need look at the youth rioting, causing mayhem, because they are Socialists, and want to destroy America’s greatness. Perhaps this mother will petition to have this teacher fired. He does not deserve to be in any classroom…period.

  20. This arrogant, rude and angry teacher should be fired for this outburst of political hate. He should be fired because he excoriated a student when the young man spoke up in class with his opinion. How is it that we have role models in classes all over the country spewing this angry hate for our President, and they continue to teach students? This must be stopped immediately or our country cannot flourish.

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