The Blood on Joe’s Hands Begins to Take Its Toll


As of Monday, February 8, Joe Biden has over 60,000 deaths on his hands. If President Trump was to blame for every single case of coronavirus and every single death from COVID-related issues in 2020, then Biden should be held to the same standard.

New Deaths and Cases

Indiana health officials have reported 1,065 new cases of COVID, and 58 additional deaths.

The latest data made public by the Indiana State Department of Health shows that these new numbers bring the total cases in the state up to 640,744 during the pandemic, and the deaths bring the state up to 11,459 total. There are also another 416 deaths that are currently classified as “probable” coronavirus fatalities.

According to the data from the Indiana State Department of Health, a total of 17,477 tests were given to 5,291 residents in the last 24 hours before the data was released.

A local NBC News affiliate reported that, “Over the last seven days, the state has reported a 6.6% positivity rate on all tests conducted, with a 14.8% positivity rate on individuals who have been tested for the virus. As of Monday at midnight, 1,292 Indiana residents were hospitalized due to the virus.”

COVID Death Toll Under Biden

As of February 8, 2021, approximately 60,178 Americans have died from the coronavirus since Joe Biden took office. The Washington Free Beacon has decided to keep track of these numbers. “CNN will likely stop counting, so the Free Beacon is picking up the slack,” the outlet wrote.

Biden’s Response to COVID

In 2020, every death due to coronavirus was reported as “more blood on Trump’s hands.” Left-wing news outlets like CNN kept a tally of cases and deaths on the screen at all times during their news broadcasts. But as soon as Joe Biden took office, that tally stopped.

Soon after taking office, Biden stated that “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” He also repeatedly warned that the situation is likely going to get worse before it improves. The media praised him for his honesty in these statements, yet refused to allow Trump to say the same things.

The mainstream media is apparently unaware of their hypocrisy, or they just don’t care.

With Democrats in charge, the media is never going to be held accountable for anything, and with the media in control of the flow of information, Democrats are never going to be held accountable for anything.

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