Blame Biden Policies For Migrant Deaths Abbot Insists


Conservative Texas Governor Greg Abbot places the blame for the deaths of 50 illegal immigrants squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden, where it belongs. Cries for help led to the discovery of an abandoned smuggling truck, sweltering in the San Antonio heat. It’s yet another horrifying example of Joe’s “deadly open border policies” and the administration’s “refusal to enforce the law.

Biden responsible for deaths

Smugglers are clearly involved with the deaths of innocent people. They wouldn’t be in business if Joe Biden hadn’t rolled out the red carpet and spiked a booming business in the human smuggling trade. Meanwhile, Texas Police are still searching for bodies. So far, 50 migrants were discovered lifeless, most inside “an abandoned tractor-trailer.

Officers are scouring the shoulder of the roadway nearby, because it also seems that “several migrants may have jumped or fallen from the trailer before the traffickers discarded it.” At least “three bodies were found scattered along the road, with the furthest one located about 75 yards from the truck.

Authorities are convinced the migrants were packed in tighter than tamales on Monday, at Laredo. The border city lies about 150 miles south of where the gruesome deaths were discovered. Initial reports suggest that the truck “experienced mechanical problems” and was casually abandoned next to a railroad track on the outskirts of San Antonio.

It blended in with the surrounding auto scrapyards “that brush up against a busy freeway.” That would be Interstate 35, which runs to the Mexican border. Police haven’t ruled out the possibility that “those found along the road had died inside the truck, but fallen out when its doors opened.” They’re searching nearby fields for survivors.

When firefighters arrived they found “stacks of bodies” in the trailer. On Monday the mercury climbed up to 103 degrees and there “were no signs of water in the semi.

Officials are horrified to relate that some “of the victims staggered out of the trailer before dying and were found several blocks away.” A local worker heard “a faint cry for help emanating from the truck” and went to check it out. That’s when he saw how many deaths there were.

Seasoned before roasting

Adding mind-blowing insult to the horrific injury, prior to their deaths by slow roasting, the “migrants had been sprinkled with steak seasoning in apparent bid to cover up their smell as they were being transported.” Thankfully, sixteen individuals were rescued, four of them children.

They were all “rushed to nearby hospitals for heat stroke and exhaustion.” Police admit “they are not confident they have accounted for everyone from the truck and do not know what the total number is.

Word coming up from Mexico city on Tuesday, June 28, confirms “the deceased includes 22 migrants from Mexico, seven from Guatemala and two from Honduras. The other migrants have yet to be identified.” Officials make a point to note that “no children were among the dead.

Also on Tuesday, Joe Biden called the deaths “horrifying and heartbreaking” but wasn’t about to take the rap for them. He wants to go after the Mexican cartels. As he calls them, “the multi-billion dollar criminal smuggling industry preying on migrants and leading to far too many innocent deaths.

With Title 42 destined to be eliminated as soon as the administration can get it out of court, new records are being set every day on the number of illegal crossings. The numbers of rescues and deaths are going up right along with the other statistics.

Just remember, Abbott tweeted, “these deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.

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