Breaking News: Bomb Squad on HIGH ALERT, Report of Explosive Device

breaking news bomb squad called in portland

The bomb squad was called to downtown Portland Monday morning, after reports of an explosive device.

According to Portland Police, members of the Explosive Disposal Unit were called to Southwest Harvey Milk Street near 11th Avenue.

Harvey Milk Street is now closed between 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue, 11th Avenue is also closed between Burnside Street and Washington Street.

Information about the explosive device and how it was discovered have not been released.

Police urge anyone who has information to call 503-823-3333.

  1. Sounds like the Democrat’s favorite stooges, antifa and Black Lives Matter, had another “mostly peaceful demonstration” planned, but it was discovered before the fires started. Trump has stated that antifa should be designated a domestic terrorist organization and has recently said the KKK should also be included. He’s right, as far as he has dared to venture, but what of Black Lives Matter? They are every bit as violent as the antifa and KKK guys are, so I think they should also be included. Here’s the kicker-what do antifa, BLM and KKK have in common-they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party-so I have a question. If these violent organizations all belong to the Democrat Party, why not just say the Democrat Party and all it’s subsidiaries are domestic terrorists?

  2. Ask for Federal Help you proud oregonians! Or the home terrorists will burn your city, whats left of it to the ground.! Is it too much to ask, the safety of your citizens and their livelyhoods?
    You people are crazy not asking for help!

  3. Please add Oregon to your features about Portland! I live near the original Portland, as in Maine, and your titles are very stressful!

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