Breaking News: Conflict Death Toll Rises


As Israeli forces have begun to encircle the Gaza Strip on Thursday, November 2, it’s been reported that the Palestinian death toll has risen above 9,000 since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7. Now, on Friday, November 3, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is returning to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call for a humanitarian “pause” in fighting.

The hope is that a pause would allow aid for Palestinians and foreign nationals out of the area.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has maintained his stance against ceasing fire throughout this war with Hamas, claiming “we are advancing… nothing will stop us” as he vows to destroy their rule in Gaza Strip.

Airstrikes have already caused devastation near Bureij refugee camp south of Gaza City, with Al Jazeera Television reporting Israeli airstrikes hitting an area of apartment towers in Tel al-Hawa neighborhood on Thursday morning.

Residents were seen being taken away on stretchers or wrapped up blankets while doctors tried to stanch blood from a child laid out on the floor at nearby hospital–the death toll reportedly rising to 15 people due to these strikes alone.

Arab countries have grown increasingly uneasy over this war between Israel and Hamas, with Jordan recalling their ambassador from Israel until there is a halt to both fighting and what they refer to as “humanitarian catastrophe” currently occurring within the region.

The U.S. however, remains committed to diplomatic efforts which could bring about some sort of resolution and pave the way for ceasefire or just an easing of siege imposed by Israeli forces upon Palestinians living in Gaza Strip.

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