Video of Violent Disneyland Brawl Goes VIRAL


You may remember this summer “Toon Town” brawl. A lot has developed since that video went viral. Avery Desmond Edwin Robinson will be spending the anniversary of the free-for-all behind bars. His sister and her husband remain fugitives of justice, with warrants out for their arrest right now.

The brawl was a ‘family feud’

A viral video captured a group of savages who invaded Disneyland’s Toon Town last July. The scuffle lasted a full five minutes before park security broke up the brawl. Right in front of Goofy’s Playhouse, a red shirted man exchanges yells with a woman in a white shirt. Two children are with them in a stroller. When the woman spits in red shirt’s face, he violently strikes her, several times right in her face. Nobody ever found out what started it.

The woman prepares for battle, wheeling the stroller to someone saying “hold my daughters.” Another man gets involved and the two males begin to battle. Soon reinforcements arrive. A woman sporting a tan tank top is quickly decked by one of the men, while a woman stands up from her electric scooter to put her two cents in. That’s when red shirt starts pulling white shirt around by the hair. It turns out they were all one big happy family.

Terrified children cry in the background, while a bystander yells, “Call security.” Round two begins with white shirt squaring off with tan tank top as the wheelchair woman falls to the ground nearby. Tank top and another helped her up while red shirt pounds on white shirt for a while, eventually pulling her to the ground. Bystanders were horrified to watch the man repeatedly punch white shirt in the face for “hitting his mother.” Eventually several men drag them apart. The family members managed to avoid immediate arrest but were escorted out of the park. It didn’t end there.

Prosecutors allege that when security asked the family to leave, Avery Robinson tried to run over a security guard with his vehicle as he drove away. He was heard “threatening to kill his sister.” The most alarming thing was that Petrie “allegedly simulated having a gun in his hand.” The deadly finger gun. No wonder he’s still hiding from the law.

Police let them go

When officers of the Anaheim police arrived, the family members had ended their brawl. According to Anaheim Police Department Sgt. Daron Wyatt, “They were all uncooperative and didn’t want anything done, and we didn’t have the luxury of viewing the video at that time, so we wrote a report.” Once they did see the footage, they started an investigation.

In the closing days of February, 34-year-old Las Vegas resident Avery Desmond Edwin Robinson, aka “red shirt,” was sentenced to six months in jail. He pleaded guilty to charges of “corporal injury on a cohabitant,” along with “assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, a count of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of criminal threats, five counts of battery and four counts of child abuse and endangerment.” He also has to do community service and attend a “batterers treatment program.”

Tan tank top, officially known as Andrea Nicole Robinson, age 41, and her 44 year old husband, Daman Petrie, remain at large. Both are allegedly residents of Compton, California and they failed to appear, so warrants are out for their arrest. Robinson is charged on “four misdemeanor counts of battery for allegedly attacking her brother, his girlfriend and a Disneyland security guard. She was also accused of a misdemeanor count of assault on her brother’s girlfriend.” She’s looking at 2.5 years for her part in the brawl after they catch her in a traffic stop. Petrie is facing up to six months for “one count of battery on his brother-in-law’s girlfriend, who was punched in the face.”

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